Consumers prefer by far the shop and door drops as orientation and information source for purchases. Experian Marketing Services in The Netherlands asked almost 4,000 household decision makers about their pre-buying behaviour.

Decision makers selected the shop (58%) and door drops (52%) by far as most uselful, the Internet (24%), direct mail (23%) and email (18%) followed at quite a distance. Newspapers, TV and magazines scored between 12 and 14%. Contrary to what many marketing and advertising trade magazines claim is the low score for social media: 5%.

It seems that marketers, media and advertising professionals still greatly over-estimate the value of social media in the purchase funnel. Consumers seem to rely on the tried and trusted sources of information. The percentages for the various channels do differ slightly in function of geography and social class. Urban areas show a higher score for social media, whereas the higher social classes rely more on shop information and door drops.




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