A card to communicate in a different way

Action Card Front

Action Card Back

The Action Card is a tear-off, personalized card the size of a credit card which can be sent like a simple postcard to your customers and your distributors in order to promote an offer, or a model.

An almost infinite number of personalization options

You adapt your Action Card to your target and to the types of actions you want. You can have the following information appear on them :

  • Names and addresses of the addressees (this informationcan for example be retrieved from your customer database)
  • An identification barcode
  • Your company logo, and the product to be highlighted
  • An analysis of the offer you have in mind
  • Personalization of the card under your name or that of your distributors
  • Pre paid postal delivery (postage is paid directly at the post office)

Some examples

Action Card Examples

If you want to learn more about the Action Card, please go to : michel.bruyr@acti-group.com