Our interactive telephony expertise


Actigroup is diversifying its activities by adding expertise for the benefit of its customers.

In line with a cross-media strategy, Actigroup has created a partnership with the Ring Ring Company which specialises in innovative solutions regarding interactive telephony.

Consequently, we are able to offer “cross-media” packages combining IVR (Interactive Voice Response), mailing, emailing, and SMS allowing to:

  • Create traffic flow in a store or retail outlet.
  • Attract new customers through prospecting.
  • Secure the loyalty of customers by offering purchasing privileges.
  • Offer to support an urgent humanitarian cause through a donation.
  • Inform your customers of an upcoming event.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an automated calling system (emission and reception). Pre-recorded voice and SMS aim to optimise communication between your company and its contacts (customers, suppliers, prospects, external or internal call centres, etc.).

Actiring combines your Mailing and Phone Campaigns.