1. Advertiser and product (or service) to advertise

Give key data about the company, the product category and the product, as well as the key competitors to the product, including wholesale and consumer pricing and possibly relevant data about the distribution.

2. Product specifics

Describe the main advantages (factual and/or emotional) of the product in comparison with competition.

3. Campaign objectives

-A launch: a re-launch/re-positioning or a sales-enhancing campaign with an unchanged positioning?
-The main objective of the campaign: increase sales to present consumers or to attract new consumers?

4. Target group description

Describe the target group in demographic as well as, whenever possible, in behavioural terms. Give available research data, including brand awareness data for the product and its key competitors, as well as qualitative data regarding the consumer’s perceptions of the product before the campaign.
Assess, as much as possible using consumer language, what the consumers of the product think and feel about the product today (indicate whether this is based upon research or empirical information).

5. Desired brand positioning

After the campaign, how should the consumer perceive the advertised product (“knowing, thinking, feeling”)?

6. Priority messages

List the messages to communicate in a priority order, accepting that each and every advertising unit can only communicate one primary message.

7. Timing, extent of planning and budget information

Include a production timetable showing the proposed date(s) for agency presentation. Define the scope of the brief, e.g.
Is it limited to media alone? Does it include point-of-sale, promotional items, direct marketing, sales force material and events, PR, sponsorship, ideas, ect?
In this paragraph, describe the geographic coverage of the assignment.
If possible at this stage, indicate if the campaign should take into account (e.g. for copyright reasons) a potential future expansion into other geographical areas.
Is it likely/requested that the campaign is also used in interactive media?

8. Responsibilities

Give name of client’s main contact point and availability. The agency is expected to offer one person as the responsible for driving the project.

9. Legal, social or other relevant information

Should the campaign take into consideration legal or self-regulatory constraints?
Are there trademark related sensitivities to take into account?
Are there ethnic or social sensitivities related to this product or product category, alternatively area of distribution?
Include information, if relevant, about major success or failure stories from this product category and assessment of the reasons.