Seven reasons to welcome Door-to-Door

Door-to-Door campaigns deliver impressive response rates and a good return on investment. Retailers in particular use it to communicate weekly offers, while service industries use it to create brand awareness and foster loyalty amongst new customers.
Clearly, Door-to-Door is a fine demonstration of Add print, Add power.
The reason? A ready made distribution channel delivering highly targeted material to consumer in their own homes, which has meant that the industry is now worth over £277million per year. 
So here are the seven key reasons for using door-to-door.

Mass Market

Door-to-Door is the only truly national mass media available to marketer, with a satisfying 100 per cent reach. Compare that with TV (85 per cent), radio (61 per cent) and outdoor (49 per cent), and it becomes clear that with Door-to-Door, you get much more bang for your marketing buck.

The Right Environnement

The fact that the consumer receives your material in his or her own home is crucial. He can take in and respond to the messages in his own time, never forced or coerced, putting the control firmly in their hands.


For a few euro cents per household you can have your communication printed and delivered, driving rapid and measurable response.
For example, many brands such as Sky, Zurich, Media Markt, Aldi, Lidl and Orange use Door-to-Door as a consumer acquisition channel. In a UK study conducted by RDP Ltd, Door-to-Door scored three times better in cost per response than the average media, and more than five times better than direct mail.

Targeted when Required/Desired

Using geomarketing, you can pick and choose which demographic you’re after, gathering vital information along the way. With the data, your campaign can become more and more sophisticated, feeding into your other marketing activity.
Consumers also have the choice whether to receive mailings, with the ability to refuse the media via strikers. So, Door-Door isn’t seen as intrusive, reaching only the people that are interested in what you have to say.


The potential for creativity with Door-to-Door is too good to waste, with many companies taking advantage of the versatility of the medium to push the boat out. Holograms, scented paper, 3D techniques, unusual paper stocks, all could be used with great effect, creating a memorable brand experience for the consumer.

Sample Distribution

Previous sample campaigns have featured full-size boxes of breakfast cereal, tins of pet food and even light bulbs! Getting your product into the kitchen of your consumers is a great way of not only raising awareness of your brand but also getting people to actually try your product.
The figures speak for themselves: 71% of consumers give product sampling as the main reason for switching to another brand, while 79% consider it the main reason for buying new products. (RSGB/Synergism)


Door-to-Door, or unaddressed mail, is a hard-working marketing medium, but works even harder when used as part of an integrated campaign. One of the best examples of Door-to-Door building awareness and sales is car dealership sending invites for free test drive. Above-the-Line advertising creates the awareness of a product or service, but it will often take Door-to-Door to trigger the action, sales or response, activating the brand on a large scale.