The story, from Direct Production to Actigroup.

The agency was created by Michel Bruyr in 1993, under the name “Direct Production”. At first the agency represented printing companies specialized in Direct Mail, Venturini (Italy), Catello (envelopes, Florence), and Duplistyle.
But after a few months the agency decided to spread its wings and started offering its services independently. Rather than revolving around “machinery” problems and solutions, its philosophy aimed at focussing on the product’s design. The success was instantaneous, with major clients such as Readers Digest, Trois Suisses, Norwich Union, etc.

A meeting in 1994 with Bryan Cassady, who had just created Pin Point’s “Sophie Shopping Club”, triggers a major growth thanks to the twice-yearly big “Sophie” mailing which involves over 1 million copies. This adventure will last for 10 years.

In 1995, P&G becomes a client of the agency, and remains so to this day.

In 1998, Direct Production becomes part of the Sopres Group, which in turn joins the Wegener Group (Netherlands) in 2000.

2000 will see the agency’s biggest achievement, i.e. the launch of the Carrefour “Happy Days” Card, with over 3.8 million cards send to Carrefour customers. During this same year, Direct Production opens a branch in Paris.

In 2005, Wegener signs a Management buyout deal with Michel Bruyr.

In 2006, Direct Production joins the Actimail Group (Geneva), which comprises 10 DM agencies in Europe and New York, and changes its name to Actimail Benelux in 2009.

At the start of 2011, Michel Bruyr, still shareholder of the Actimail Group, takes over the agency’s management, which becomes once more independent.

On 15 March 2011, the agency changes its name to Actigroup and develops four distinct business lines: Acti Print, Acti Direct, Acti Web and Acti ring

On January 1, 2021 Actigroup joined the Acto Print and Mail group and became a sister company of The Mailing Factory
The new shareholder is Acto Print and Mail represented by Philippe Massin.

Michel Bruyr remains Managing Director and General Manager for a period of 5 years.